Nokia 1209

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Key features

    Access phone features quickly and conveniently with One Touch shortcut keys for SMS messaging, calendar, contacts, loudspeaker, and flashlight
    View wallpapers, screensavers, games, and phone
menus on the vibrant colour display screen which supports up to 65,536 colours
    Personalize your phone with MP3-grade or 32-voice polyphonic ringtones
    Extend your talk time. Use the power saver mode to help conserve power when your phone is idle
    Control your talk time. Time Tracker allows you to pre-set call times and disconnects calls when the pre-set time is up
    Manage your calling costs. Cost Tracker* lets you pre-set the cost limit for calls
    Monitor your pre-paid balance. With Pre-paid Tracker* you can view your pre-paid account balance information whenever you need
    Get the right sound for any environment with adjustable ringtone and call volume
    Keep your phone clean with the dust-resistant keypad

Operating frequency

    EGSM 900/1800
    GSM 850/1900


    Volume: 70.5 cc
    Weight: 78.95g (with battery)
    Dimensions: 102 x 44.1 x 17.5 mm

    96 x 68 pixel CSTN (color super-twist nematic) display supports up to 65,536 colours with an active area of 27.623 x 21.831 mm

User interface

    Series 30
    One Touch shortcut keys for SMS messaging, calendar, contacts, loudspeaker, and flashlight


    Concatenated SMS for long text messages
    Multiple message sending: a quick and easy way to send the same message to several people
    SMS inbox with large storage capacity: up to 60 messages
    Picture messaging lets you send fun SMS greetings with graphics
    Easy message deletion: erase multiple messages at a time
    Message distribution lists: create and manage your personal list
    Speed dialing for quick message sending


    Three pre-installed games


    Personalize your phone with pre-installed MP3-grade or 32-voice polyphonic ringtones


    Headset connector: standard 2.5 mm AV IF

Call Management

    Time tracker, Cost tracker*, and Pre-paid tracker* for controlling, managing, and monitoring your call costs and call times
    Call history and call duration summary for monitoring your calls

*This feature is network dependant
Digital Services

    Over the air (OTA) ringtones (via SMS)

Voice features

    Integrated handsfree loudspeaker
    Support for HR (except US band), FR, EFR, and full AMR voice codecs

Personal Information Management (PIM)

    Multiple phone books make it easy to share your phone with others – each supports up to 200 contacts
    Analog/digital clock, alarm clock, countdown timer, and stopwatch
    Large digital clock wallpaper so you can keep track of time even while your phone is idle
    Reminders for important meetings and appointments
    Localized calendars available

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