Nokia 7070 Prism


Complex form with practical features

With the 7070, Nokia has done away with the excess features that plague most phones and leaves a smart detailed etching on the front of the phone. The prism design is what makes this phone stand out, and the beauty isn’t just skin deep with grooves that cut into the plastic of the phones. As much as you’d probably like to use this phone all the time and have others stare at its amazing design when it’s in your pocket you’ll hardly notice its petite 15mm wide and 78g in weight measurement.

This is the perfect phone for people who want a simple to use phone for making and answering calls. The way the phone is laid out is evidence of this because the call and end buttons are clearly marked underneath the menu buttons in order to reduce confusion. The numberpad buttons are composed of triangular shapes in line with the prism design which is very attractive.

Though light on features, this phone certainly doesn’t skimp on the important stuff. For example, with the phone book you can easily input your friends’ data. The speakerphone emits audio at a strong loud volume. And of course games are included so that you can spend some free time trying to the get the high score.

This is a great phone for someone who wants an uninhibited cell phone using experience and the best place to buy it is right here at where you’ll enjoy expedited shipping and fantastic customer service.

    * Nokia 7070 Prism Black & Pink Accent Unlocked
    * Battery
    * Manual
    * Charger
    * Headset


    * Nokia 7070 Prism Black & Pink Accent (Unlocked Dualband) GSM Cell Phone (Asian/European Version)
    * Nokia 7070 Prism Blue (Unlocked Dualband) GSM Cell Phone (Asian/European Version)

Asian & European Carriers

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