Nokia N900

 Nokia N900

Phone & Contacts

    Merge your phone book, Skype contacts and other contacts into an all-in-one address book.
    Always stay online - see your friends’ availability, avatars, location and mood.
    Tap your friends and select the best way to contact them: via a regular phone call, Instant Messaging, SMS, email or an Internet call.
    Synchronise your contacts to Outlook.
    Keep multiple SMS & IM conversations going and move easily between them.
Email & Calendar

    Easily set up multiple email accounts with support for popular email providers.
    Push Email, calendar and contacts with Mail for Exchange.
    Slide out the full keyboard designed for fast typing. Speed your typing up further with smart on-screen features and word completion.
    See images, web links and open attachments in your email with rich HTML support, like on a PC.
Media Player

    Shuffle music and watch videos from the fast 32 GB storage - expandable up to 48 GB*
    Fill and re-fill your device with a top USB mass storage transfer speed of up to 10 MB/s – get a DVD quality movie in a few minutes.
    Enjoy music and videos with the extensive media support available, with the easy-to-use Maemo 5 Music & Video Player.
    Be amazed by the stereo audio quality and the sharpness of the TV-out picture quality. Cable included.

    Use the Carl Zeiss optics and 5 megapixel camera to take great photos.
    Capture WVGA 16:9 video in higher than DVD resolution.
    Find your photos later on. Tag them with the keyword cloud to best describe the moment.
    See where your images were taken with the automatic geotagging.
    Carry your album with you. Make the most of the performance and large storage - find any image in a split second and use post capture editing tools for fine tuning.

    No need to carry a netbook. Have a compact device the size of a handset with a large, high-resolution screen.
    Keep multiple web windows open. The Maemo browser is powered by Mozilla technology.
    Use the full web faster over high speed HSPA and WLAN connections.
    Watch videos, use internet applications and play games with full Adobe Flash 9.4TM and AJAX support.
    Enjoy fast and easy browsing with gestures and full QWERTY keyboard.
Ovi Maps

    The latest Ovi Maps for Maemo is on board.
    Search maps for addresses and places.
    Enjoy the fast map experience and stunning level of detail on the high resolution display.
    Find your destination with routing.

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